Patek Philippe is one the most powerful and influential name in the watchmaking industry. When you hear the name Patek Philippe, you will automatically think it is the best and probably the most expensive watches to own. It is actually synonymous with elegance and class, impeccable Swiss timepieces ever made, and high auction value.

For over 175 years in the business and now in the hands of a fourth generation Stern family member, Patek Philippe still remains as an independent Genevan watchmaker. Created with beautiful and fully functional complications and supercomplications, Patek Philippe is one of the sought-after brands of many watch collectors all over the world. Find out the world’s rarest and most valuable Patek Philippe watches ever sold in Auctions in this compilation.

The Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication -$ 24 million worth-

The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication is one of the most complicated mechanical pocket watches ever created. The 18 karat gold watch was assembled by Patek Philippe and was named after a millionaire banker Henry Graves Jr. who was regularly commissioning innovative new timepieces. It features a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater with Westminster Chimes, sidereal time and a celestial chart including a mapping of the sky over Manhattan. ut was auctioned and sold in Geneva, Switzerland for $ 24 million, the highest price that anyone has ever paid for a timepiece.

Reference 1527 Perpetual Calendar in 18k Rose Gold -$ 5.71 million worth-

When the time it was sold in an auction, the Reference 1527 was worth $ 5.71 million – the most expensive wristwatch by Patek Philippe ever sold. It was produced in the Second World War between 1943 and 1944 and one of a kind piece the company has ever made since then. It is said that this model is a perpetual calendar in reference 1527 case.

Caliber 89 Grand Complication Pocket Watch -$ 5.12 million worth-


The Patek Philippe Calibre 89 is a commemorative pocket watch created in 1989 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company. It was declared by Patek Philippe as “the most complicated watch in the world”, a title it held for about 26 years until Vacheron Constantin introduced the Reference 57260 in 2015. It has 33 complications, made from 18 karat gold, weighs around 2 pounds, and encapsulates 1,728 components, including a thermometer and a star chart. Only four watches were made; one in white gold, one in yellow gold, one in rose gold and one in platinum. The one in yellow gold was offered at Sotheby’s in 2017 but remained unsold due to disappointing biddings of less than $ 6.4 million, excluding buyer’s premium.

Reference 2458 Observatory Chronometer for J.B. Champion -$ 3.99 million worth-

This timepiece is one of the rarest watches Patek Philippe ever created. It has chronometric certificates and was specially crafted for Joe Ben Champion, a successful defense attorney and one of the most important clients of the company, who ordered this particular watch. It was equipped with a special movement and this piece remains the only Reference 2458 in platinum and it also comes with a platinum bracelet, a leather strap, as well as an additional diamond-set dial.

Reference 5004T Split Seconds Perpetual Calendar in Titanium -$ 3.99 million worth-

Patek Philippe has stopped producing their Reference 5004 yet, they created one final and a unique version for the Only Watch Auction held on September 2013. Only Watch is one of the most exciting horological events in the world, taking place only once every two years. Many of the finest manufacturers in the world task their developers with building a unique piece to be auction completely for charity. This unique version,  5004T is housed in a highly polished titanium case, solid gold dial and hand-engraved with a checkered pattern. This unusual and special watch from Patek was sold nearly $ 4 million at the time of the event.

Reference 2499/100P “Eric Clapton” in Platinum -$ 3.64 million-

Imagine a watch that is so rare and special? This goes out to the Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe 2499 in platinum. For most watch collectors, the importance of this model lies in its perfectly proportioned case and dial layout combined with three complications: a perpetual calendar, the phase of the moon indication,  and chronograph. There are only 349 pieces of this reference exist, most of them are produced in yellow gold, 10 pieces were produced in pink gold, and just 2 pieces were cased in platinum. So rare for a Patek Philippe creation.

Unique Cushion-Shaped Singe Button Chronograph in 18k White Gold -$ 3.64 million worth-

This rare and unique timepiece by Patek Philippe is believed to be one of those made-to-order watches, one of only a handful cushion-cased chronograph and this model is the only single-button chronograph in white gold that Patek has ever produced. That makes it one of the most desirable watches for luxury watch collectors. It has a timeless design which is made completely with white gold spade hands and applied Breguet numerals. Beyond the mere rarity of the combinations of materials and design elements that are found on this watch, it is important to remember that this piece was made nearly 90 years ago yet it looks, and functions, as well as anything, produced ever since then.

Unique Minute Repeater in Yellow Gold, Made for Henry Graves Jr. -$ 2.99 million worth-

This Henry Graves Jr. Minute Repeater timepiece is made from 18 karat yellow gold and engraved with the Graves Family coat-of-arms 1895 movement and 1927 case MVT 97589 CASE 605759. It has circular manual winding nickel lever movement, bi-metallic compensation balance, gilt tonneau dial, and painted black enamel Breguet numerals. This unique timepiece from Patek is likely to be the earliest minute repeating wristwatch purchased by Henry Graves Jr., who is known to have owned four-minute repeating wristwatches.