CENTURY TIME GEMS Ltd was founded in the Biel on January 5, 1966, by Hans-Ulrich Klingenberg. It is headquartered in Nidau, which lies in the heart of the region that is home to Swiss watchmaking and is also home to the firm’s production workshop where every CENTURY watch is born.

Hans-Ulrich Klingenberg harbored a vision of creating exceptional watches at his very young age. He dreamed of crafting timepieces that would unite eternal beauty, uniqueness, and technically perfect construction in total harmony.

When Hans-Ulrich Klingenberg founded the CENTURY Time Gems, he was already famous for his amazing inventions. By putting up his own manufacture, he was able to put his discoveries into practice for his own masterpiece. His brilliant invention based on the principle of creating a vacuum inside a watch case to ensure a total water, air, and dust-tight system lies at the heart of many CENTURY watches. It has been the object of numerous patents registered by CENTURY. With the ambition of creating timepieces with eternal beauty that outlasts the centuries, he continued to study the properties of everlasting materials and later developed the first watch case made from black diamond.

In 1977, after many years of intensive research and development, he finally invented two unique construction systems, the “Megalith” and “Monolith”. The Megalith is one of the distinctive marks of every CENTURY watch. This highly complex technique is used to fuse two discs of sapphire into one inseparable piece. The combination of such innovations enables the manufacture to write the first chapter of its illustrious history.

Thanks to his revolutionary inventions, he has left his mark on the Swiss watchmaking industry.


Transparent, perfectly pure, and the second hardest material in the world after diamond is CENTURY’s trademark – they make all of its watch cases out of the finest sapphire crystal. Every facet of CENTURY crystal is cut and polished by hand in a traditional fashion, which brings extra special added value to their watch cases. Their expertise in the field of sapphire crystals results in timepieces whose cases, bezels and sapphire crystal glass are combined in incredibly resistant and long lasting timepiece.


Using exceptional materials for its cases, sapphire, whose hardness surpassed only by that of diamond, the legacy of the family continues when the brand managed by Philip Klingenberg, Hans-Ulrich’s son. When he take over the management in 1993, a new complex facet of sapphire watch cases and new colors were introduced. The idea of sculpting sapphire cases into time gems with the highest level of craftsmanship, CENTURY produce promising line of women’s watches.


Century Time Gems has been making extraordinary watches. It chooses to present its collections as if displayed in a jewellery cases with different themes each with its own unique atmosphere.

This particular timepiece instantly asserts its philosophy of everyday elegance. A watch for precious moments, a discreet luxury to be appreciated in daily life. Forged in steel, AFFINITY is first and foremost the epitome of timeless style, defying the passing seasons and changing trends.

COUTURE – A jewellery watch with a new look. Its shape is inspired by two true stars among gems: the brilliant and the emerald cuts. Adorned with an engraved lace motif or robed in pastel shades, it also comes in ruby red and amethyst colors. This unique timepiece adapts perfectly to all outfits and occasions.


This iconic PRIME TIME collection marries pure lines with a luxurious and dynamic design. Its outstanding feature is the dodecagonal case, which brings elegance to female wrists that defy the passing of time. For the men’s version, PRIME TIME EGOS combine the ultimate hallmarks of style with energetic and sporty spirit.


ELEGANCE – This timepiece collection is designed for both men and women. It bears all the hallmarks of chic contemporary style. With its round case and stylized hour markers, the lines are deliberately clean, emphasizing its modernity. Each aspect has been conceived as the ultimate sign of everyday distinction.

With its regal air, VERSAILLES exudes stylish femininity to suit every special occasion. In creating its case, master craftsmen invented a construction technique, the “Nacrilith”, which encloses a layer of mother-of-pearl between two CENTURY sapphires.


This jewellery watch is a new and romantic celebration of the countless facets of radiant femininity. ALLEGRIA is also a promise to capture a special spirit: a sense of freedom and joy that transcends the passing time.

A watch with an assured personality and bold lines that evoke the spirit of the 1930s. Instantly recognisable yet always elusive. CAPRICE is an object to desire like no other.

PRIMA DONNA – The precious and elegant timepiece collection from CENTURY that stylishly combines the imagery of stage divas with the romanticism of European royal courts. This luxuriously feminine timepiece is inspired by a jewellery icon: the marquise cut. It has a gracefully tapered, streamlined shape.

Refined and sparkling, BOLERO has turned its small size into its greatest assets: instant charm with an uplifting and enchanting appeal.


VIRTUOSO – CENTURY launched this jewelled masterpiece to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This beautiful creation of the brand is limited only to 50 pieces.


MOGUL – This timepiece collection is legend in the making, spinning like a sparkling crown with its 192 facets. After penetrating the case, light is reflected infinitely along its edges. This jewelled gem offers a visual spectacle made up of fascinating shapes and colors.

DRAGON STONE – This iconic timepiece collection radiates timeless style with its dodecagonal case. The majestic shape give it the aura and prestige of a fine jewellery watch.


This timepiece collection celebrates the most beautiful season with its floating decoration and mysterious aura. PRIMAVERA captures uplifting joy of a flower in bloom and the indescribable glamour of a couture robe. This truly feminine creation is designed to be worn on the most precious occasions.

LEELA BLOSSOM – Time ticks by in unison with a flower of eternal beauty. A luxury watch with an aura of fine jewellery.


This timepiece collection captures the awakening of spring to take winter’s place. It is the return of sunshine with the delicate melting of snow, gradually revealing the first flowers. CRESCENDO announces the arrival of a season that allows time to blossom, showcasing one of the most advanced jewellery techniques: the snow setting.


The ALLEGORY story is woven around the four elements: night, day, sun, and moon. To create this decorative masterpiece, the CENTURY master craftsmen have employed two demanding techniques: hand engraving and champlevé enameling.

Century Time Gems has developed quite a lot of  watches with unique sapphire crystals for 50 years and will continue to create timepieces beyond your imagination in the coming years.